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Tuldok Animation Studio Reel

Current Projects

Tuldok Animation's RISE Project Receives CCP Innovation Grant

As part of its calibrated response towards the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP)  implemented an Innovation Grants Program.

This paved the way for Tuldok's RISE Project, which opened the doors to the production of the Bernardo Carpio comics with augmented reality component and the short animated films Bernardo Carpio, Si Bulusan nan si Agingay, and Sulayman.

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Tuldok Animation's Short Animated Documentary Receives IPOPHL Grant

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Bernardo Carpio AR Mobile App 

This free mobile app is required to access the augmented reality (AR) component of the Bernardo Carpio Komiks. It is available for download for Android users via Google Play.

Download the Bernardo Carpio Komiks for use on the AR App 


Download the Bernardo Carpio AR App for Android users 


Project AVP

 The Bernardo Carpio AR mobile app is a basic edutainment package accompanying the Bernardo Carpio comics and the Bernardo Carpio animated short film. It intends to be a supporting platform for schools, homeschoolers, and those who are interested in Philippine mythology to learn more about the Bernardo Carpio tale as part of students' lessons, people's research materials, and education and entertainment endeavors. It also looks forward to reaching a wider demographics interested in Philippine mythology. As a jumpstart app made possible through a conservative grant, Tuldok hopes for future partnerships and fundings to update this app for its goal to produce, promote, and facilitate the creation of original Filipino content, as well as expanding of reach of Filipino heritage stories and characters. 

Instructions for maximizing use of the Bernardo Carpio AR App

The mobile app features AR characters from the epic tale of Bernardo Carpio. It supports Tuldok's goal to expand the reach of Philippine folktales and mythological characters using new media technologies.

It also provides a mobile phone access to the full digital version of Tuldok's Bernardo Carpio Komiks and a behind-the-scene video of production of the comics, mobile app, and animated short film. The app provides educational information and trivia about the Bernardo Carpio lore as well.

  • To experience AR, scan a comics page with this icon:

  • Click the AR button at the app's Main Menu.
  • Find the right AR trigger page from the comics matching the menu button in the app to see specific AR features. There are 3 AR trigger pages in the comics and each has a corresponding menu matching each AR feature: 1) Bernardo Carpio before his entrapment under the 2 two mountains of Montalban; 2) Bernardo Carpio struggling between the Two Clashing Boulders; 3) Bernardo Carpio and sorceress fight poses.
  • For the Bernardo Carpio and the sorceress fight poses, click the buttons for their fighting stances. Click the image profile on lower-left screen to change character (Bernardo Carpio and the sorceress).
  • Click applicable menu button to read trivia about the Bernardo Carpio lore.
  • Click applicable menu button to read the full comics in its digital version using your phone. Use the zoom in and out buttons for your convenience.