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Tuldok Animation Studio Reel

Current Projects

Tuldok Animation's RISE Project Receives CCP Innovation Grant

As part of its calibrated response towards the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP)  implemented an Innovation Grants Program.

This paved the way for Tuldok's RISE Project, which opened the doors to the production of the Bernardo Carpio comics with augmented reality component and the short animated films Bernardo Carpio, Si Bulusan nan si Agingay, and Sulayman.

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Tuldok Animation's Short Animated Documentary Receives IPOPHL Grant

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Tuldok Animation Studios' Short Animated Documentary Receives IPOPHL Grant for Its Short Animated Documentary

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The Atin 'to Project

This seven-minute animated documentary features three stalwarts of the Philippine animation industry Avid Liongoren (animated films Saving Sally and Hayop Ka!), Tanya Yuson (animated series Trese), and Luis Suarez (animated film RPG Metanoia) as they discuss the challenges they faced in the industry and how Filipinos deal with intellectual property, which plays a crucial role in the creative industry.

This short film helmed by Rianne Hill Soriano and Dudz Clotario came into fruition through Tuldok's partnership with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) Bureau of Copyright and Related Rights (BCRR) under the Copyright Plus Program, an IPOPHL flagship project that aims to cater to the copyright-related needs specifically of the marginalized, unserved, underserved, minority groups or persons of the society.


Project Background

This project was a brainchild of Blog Caliguia and Rianne Hill Soriano who also worked as the film's producers alongside fellow Tuldok member Dudz Clotario. it was eventually entered to the IPOPHL's Copyright Plus Program for funding within the year of experiencing the lockdowns brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. This resulted to a production workflow leading to an animated documentary project. The three documentary subjects were interviewed via Zoom and their interviews were utilized as soundbites while also creating their animated characters and eventually recreating the interviews in animation format.